July Week 4 - Intuitive Insight Tarot Reading

Week 4 (7/25–7/31)

Feeling helpless, power struggles, and old patterns shift to new abundance.

Let go of the STRUGGLE, move into clear abundance!


Given the challenges of July it is no surprise that Strength shows up in the reverse for us. This can indicate feelings of helplessness, weakness, and a lack of conviction to persevere. It is also possible we are being dominated by another who is abusing his/her position in relation to us. We must recognize who we can CHOOSE to be here and now! The past is only a flow of energy that allows us to be aware of our beliefs, patterns and samskaras (latent or active karmic impressions). There might be a tendency to hold on to some negative aspect of our past this week, with the 6 of Cups in reverse as an indication of being trapped in old patterns or relationships or a need to move forward from past situations. Not by denying the truth of the past, but through witnessing it and its results are we able to move on. With awareness comes choice: to forgive, to rise up, to shine our inner light brighter than we ever thought we could! It is up to us to release the past and acknowledge all of the growth that is possible for us in the present moment. A new beginning is here and now, and as we let go of old beliefs and griefs, we are able to spread the waves of abundant joy and love, sharing with all around us a brighter today and tomorrow.

 Advice: We must leave behind any imbalanced relationships that have kept us feeling marginalized or that have limited our experience of emotional growth and expression. It is important that we become grounded in ourselves as we are now, and as we do so we are supporting our own abundance and the abundance of those in our lives. We may also find a new romantic or emotional connection with an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) this week. There may be support or protection coming from a masculine energy in our lives who is very successful. Perhaps we take on the role of supporting another with the abundance that we have materially or emotionally.

W4 Clarified.jpg

Ace of Cups (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): A new emotional understanding, a new romantic relationship or deep connection will begin. We can create a new perspective in a relationship. We are open to new possibilities of love and friendship. Through a new relationship to ourselves or another we find peace, and an ability to let go of the past.

King of Pentacles ~ Knight of Pentacles ~ (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): A benefactor is coming to support us in our current situation. We are choosing to support others financially. We are coming into a space of abundance that we feel proud to share with those around us. Our hard work has paid off and we are at the pinnacle of our abundance.


Krishna ~ Find the Blessings in Your Current Situation ~ Every situation offers opportunities to grow and learn. When we curse a situation, we block its energy flow and things fester and grow worse. In contrast, as you recognize the blessings within your current situation, supportive and healing energy flows toward you. This card comes to you because there’s an unrecognized blessing within your current situation. It could be something that you’ve learned or gained, for example. Recognize the blessing to accelerate the healing and manifestation that’s trying to come to you.


Well that is a wrap on July! Send me a message if you found the insights of this month resonated or were helpful in your current situations. Stay tuned for a whole new batch of energy next month!!!

Overview P3.jpg

Balancing Your Energy Through the Meridians


For most of us, heading to the gym can be quite the draining task. As many of us live busy and eventful lives, finding extra time and energy to put into our physical health presents a challenge. One of the reasons we may feel this heaviness when it comes to out workout goals is that the exercise we choose for the most part is geared toward energy expenditure. While this might seem like a good idea for most, it can be harmful for our long term physical and mental health. 


Because of the nature of our modern life, there is a great deal of energy that is built up within our bodies and minds throughout the day. This comes from the attentional, emotional and physical energy we must produce to navigate our relationships, and manage the work and family tasks that are required of us. With all of this built up energy we sometimes feel that letting it all go with a sweaty workout session would be good, especially with the endorphin rush that also comes right after a hard training session. But this process of high energy output will often lead us to deplete our physiological resources that promote longevity and a healthy life. And yes, our bodies are very adaptable systems that will build resilience through training. Then the stimulus will have lesser effect the more we adapt, always creating this need to push and go further. However, life outside of our fitness programs rarely offers the appropriate time and space for optimal recovery. So many of us work hard until we over train and our bodies force us to take a break for one reason or another.  We all have an idea of what is necessary to make positive changes in our lives, but some feel more is needed than others. I personally abide by the idea of “train smarter” not “train harder”. Since I have no desire to become a competitive athlete, I feel fully successful in my decision, and know that my body will be thanking me for years and years to come. And even for individuals who do want to train like an athlete, it can be recognized that recovery, and proper recovery at that, is necessary for peak performance.

The eastern approach to exercise is one that considers how we can channel and harvest this energy that is present within us without wasting it or unconsciously throwing it away through the buckets of sweat we leave on our gym floors. Rather, in Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, an exercise program is created to help an individual practice the focused control and movement of energy to support one’s life inside and outside of the physical body. So rather than having to live through the crash as our system gets overloaded, or needing to feed ourselves little power ups (pre-workouts, caffeine, etc.) just to push through another sweat session, we can recharge our batteries with movement and breath, every day. We can improve the capacity and the efficiency of our physical systems so they can run better and last longer! And the best part about this approach is that it doesn’t take gallons of sweat or hours of cardio. Only a quiet space is needed, to connect and move within our bodies and with our breath, giving us a space to witness and release our own thoughts and feelings in a conscious way. We can consciously let go of some excess energy without forcing the tank into the red day in and day out. And through this ancient approach, we can create a lasting effect of health that expands into all parts of our lives. 

Labrynthe Meditation.jpg

Elemental-Movement has developed a program that guides students awareness through the 15 major “Meridians” or channels of energy that run through the body to maintain the health of the physical tissues and physiological functions that support us in our lives. These channels, also called “nadis” in the system of Yoga, connect to the whole human being: through the physical pathways of movement (Myofascial tracks), internal organs, and modes of mental operation that all work together in integrating our experiences with our desires and actions. When we move unconsciously, certain obstructions or blockages within these pathways may limit our ability to move efficiently. There are many factors that contribute to these blockages, from poor nutrition and insufficient rest to high stress and anxiety in our lives. Even the emotional and physical traumas of our past will affect the flow of energy through our bodies. If we only focus on the goal of completing an exercise program (3 sets, 15 reps, 30 minutes on the treadmill), we limit our attention in its ability to process what is going on in these more subtle energy systems. By opening up our awareness through slow, conscious movement and breath, it is possible for the body and mind to pinpoint and release these blocks and obstructions to the flow of our energy. When the flow of energy can be restored, physiology, form and function will be at an optimal state of operation. So even for the avid trainer, this program can provide much needed neuromuscular recovery from demanding physical training, leading to better results during performance. And with a little time every day, students can work to bring about total efficiency in their own lives by deepening the connections to each pathway that has a specific part to play in the overall health of the body, mind and spirit.

~We find the results to be truly reflective of our best potential when we recognize that we are connected, not separate in our nature, within nature, and beyond it.~

If you are in Chicago, Sign Up for the Balancing Your Energy Through the Meridians Workshop! It’s THIS Saturday (7/27) from 2-4 p.m.

@ REMIX by Giselle Wasfie in the West Loop! Space is limited so make sure you grab your spot ASAP!

The Major Energy Meridian Pairings of the body are:

  1. The Kidney and Urinary Bladder 

  2. The Spleen and Stomach

  3. The Liver and Gallbladder

  4. The Pericardium and Triple Warmer

  5. The Heart and Small Intestine

  6. The Lung and Large Intestine

  7. The Governing and Conception Vessels

  8. The Central Channel (Sushumna Nadi)

Stay tuned in the following weeks as I describe these organs, their energy channels, and special movement techniques and yoga practices that help to bring all these parts together into greater alignment and integration. It’s manifestation time, and I’m ready to express all that I have to give in this abundant season of Summer.

Send me a quick message if you are curious about working with yoga, energy or movement to bring more ease and balance into any aspect of your life. As a reminder, I offer private programming in person and online, and you can find out more information about my complete Holistic Health Programming HERE! I would love to connect with you about anything at all, so reach out if you are ready to go deeper!

Week 3 ~ Intuitive Insight Tarot Reading

Week 3 (7/18 - 7/24)

Reconciliations gone awry and hard times are here, but things will turn around soon!

Live and let live!


While there may be a reconciliation on the horizon for us, chances are it will be delayed, or it may not turn out the way we expect it to. Somebody may return to our lives to bring us bad news. We may also be unwilling to forgive somebody from our past as we feel they are to blame for our state of lacking which we are now experiencing. It is possible we are the ones apologizing, and our apologies will not be accepted by those with which we aim to mend a broken relationship. We must remember that karma represents the law of cause and effect, and what we put out into the Universe in the past will have an impact, a wave of action that reflects back on us. Perhaps we are the victims now because we were the aggressors before. The Universe is always working to maintain a state of balance and equilibrium, and we are just a small variable in that equation. So we must not hold judgement on who or what may be causing our current state of hardship because in actuality, we once were the inherent cause. So this week we might find some financial hardships or unexpected financial burdens placed on us, but again this is our karma being worked out. The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that life always turns around, and if we can be patient and make it through the hard times, forgiveness, happiness and brighter days will come to us soon!

Advice: If we put all of our value in others, we may find ourselves left high and dry. Are we allowing somebody or something to steal our sunshine? This could be a way for them to get back at us for something negative that we co-created in the past, or just the wave of karma from something we created from our own point of view. Whatever the reason for the hurt of the present moment, we can learn from it by witnessing how we react when things do not go our way. We must let our highest selves shine through and forgive all who may have wronged us in the past, or who are getting back at us in the present. Though we may be in a dark moment, if we remember our true nature, then we will know that the sun will rise on a new day tomorrow!

2 of S.jpg

2 of Swords ~ Peace ~ (Moon in Libra): More information is needed to make an informed decision at this time. We should take all sides into consideration rather than jumping to conclusions or reacting with harsh words in defense or in offense. It is better to absorb the information coming our way and process it silently in the stillness of peace, trusting that our intuition will inform us of when and how to speak our minds.

W3 Clarified.jpg

XIX ~ Sun ~ (Sun): All our greatest wishes and dreams exist within us. As we live in the here and now, and let our light shine, we bring forth the dawn of our own true happiness. In the dark times, we can experience the light that exists within all beings, as we are all children of the Sun!

7 of Swords ~ Futility ~ (Moon in Aquarius): Uncertainty in our own minds may have led to inappropriate words or actions that have hurt another, or perhaps we are the victims of harmful words and actions. By holding on to this karma we are stuck in a cycle of negativity, not allowing us to forgive or grow, keeping us in a marginalized state of being. Forgiveness doesn’t mean we have to fall for it again. Rather, through learning these tough lessons we find a release from negative patters, and growth towards a higher path of being. We find a being with more clarity and honesty in our thoughts, words and actions.

July Week 2 ~ Intuitive Insight Tarot Reading

Week 2 (7/11 - 7/17)

Still in waiting, we mustn’t give up on ourselves or our dreams. Screw the “naysayers” who are trying to put us down!

Somebody is being nasty!


Impatience may be increasing as we face our relationships and creative endeavors this week. We may find challenges in how we relate to others, to our professional/creative life, or to ourselves, bringing a certain level of dissatisfaction. But we are encouraged to hold on and keep fighting the good fight! Putting one foot in front of the other can be an insightful practice, even if the tasks of our lives feel mundane or uninspired, there is power in simple and consistent action when it is done consciously and not out of habit. We might just find that in the end our dissatisfaction was only a temporary response to how we were experiencing our progress in relation to the progress of those around us. But each one of us has value and our worth should not be diminished by others, and especially not by our own thoughts or feelings.

The Knight of Cups in reverse gives a warning to be cautious of those around us who may be limiting our value or perspective, as it is likely coming from a space of resentment or jealousy. Or it may be that this person/these people may simply be putting us down so that he/she/they can feel superior. We must also be sure that we are not doing this to another as a result of the dissatisfaction or longing that we are feeling in our own lives. We don’t want to be jealous B’s! This week we should also watch out for bad advice or condescending people around us. Rather than reacting to a negative person, we can simply be conscious of their underlying intentions, move on with our lives, and go n’ brush our shoulders off. Often times when another is being intentionally negative or combative towards us it is with the intention (conscious or unconscious) of getting us to react, lash out or fumble. It is important that we don’t give another our power by flipping out and losing ourselves, this is what they want.

Advice: We mustn’t give up on our dreams! No matter how much others may try to put them down. If we have been defeated or betrayed by another, we can always pick ourselves back up again. Our dreams are in the process of coming true as long as we believe in them, others might be jealous of the bright shining star that we have become or are in the process of becoming. We should be cautious of another who may try to stab us in the back or sabotage us out of jealousy or to boost their own ego. Be especially be mindful of the actions, advice and underlying motives of an Aquarius or Gemini in your life.

W2 Clarified.jpg

XVII ~ Star ~ (Aquarius): Wish upon a Star, and our dreams will one day come true. The truth is that WE are the shining star, and the manifestation of unlimited possibilities comes from belief in ourselves! We might just become that beacon of light that inspires others to believe in themselves too!

10 of Swords ~ Ruin ~ (Sun in Gemini): Our circumstances, the outcome of our actions or the actions of others have left us feeling defeated, stabbed in the back and left for dead. But the worst is over if we recognize our ability to heal and like a phoenix rise again into a new space of being. Even if it seems our whole life has been torn to ruin, if we are still alive, we can rebuild a better one. We can use the lessons of the past as a foundation for something new, not being limited by the fears or resentment that prior pain may have created. We can forgive all, let it go and move forward in our own truth!


Temperance ~ Patience – Moderation ~ (Sagittarius): We must be at peace with the current situation. The energies around us may be tumultuous, and our environment might be challenging, but we cannot be in control our surroundings at this time as we are experiencing the results of past karma. What we can affect is our relationship towards our surroundings and our perception of our current experience. We can make the best out of every situation by recognizing a peaceful and happy experience can be had in the roughest of times with the knowing that we are all peaceful beings within.

Affirmations: This card reminds me that patience will bring me into recognition of and alignment to my purpose. All my needs are met even though I may not see it yet in the outer, visible world. The angels are looking out for me. Moderation in all things is required right now.

July Week 1 ~ Intuitive Insight Tarot Reading

July Week 1 ~ Intuitive Insight Tarot Reading

Week 1 – (7/3 - 7/10)

Collecting Ourselves for New Ambitions and Projects

This one goes out to all my Pitta People!!!


This week’s energy is about potential, building, and being patient with the process of creation. There is not enough energy available in our current situation for us to take action in bringing our new ideas to life just yet. The Page and 3 of Wands both show up in reverse, expressing a lack of certainty or enthusiasm for making this new thing happen. Our intention may be strong but we are feeling blocked or conflicted by how it might show up, or how it might be received by others. It might also be that we just don’t have a clear enough vision of what we are creating yet. Rather than feeling useless or like a failure, we can sit with ourselves in the stillness of this moment in time to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and gain insight into our situation and our intention for the future. The Hanged Man guides us to receive the inner wisdom of our spirit, taking a pause and processing our thoughts and emotions until we receive that “aha” moment that kicks things into drive again.

Advice: Enjoy what you have, appreciate what you have already created, and take pleasure in a break from forward movement and new creation. Recuperate this week, don’t waste energy on excessive or frivolous activities just to occupy an idle mind. Let go of the “doing” and focus on the “being”. We might practice this by making a gratitude list, or just taking time to be thankful for whatever shows up in our everyday life. We are riding the waves of our past successes, so let’s take some deep breaths and appreciate the flow of abundance that surrounds us now.

A of S.jpg
W1 Clarified.jpg

Ace of Swords (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): There is a strong desire to share a new idea or tell somebody something that will start a new phase of our lives.

8 of Cups ~ Indolence ~ (Saturn in Pisces): Dissatisfaction is a distraction from the possibility of fulfillment in any experience. Things may be showing up as negative to teach us that joy comes from within not from the things and people around us.

XI Strength ~Lust~ (Leo): Desire to move forward or control a situation as a defense against vulnerability and receptivity. An unwillingness to appreciate what is in front of us or an unwillingness to take a break from action. Also a perseverance when met with setbacks or struggles.

P.S. Watch out for Mercury in Retrograde which starts July 7th. You may be feeling its effects already like I am XD

*Stay tuned for next week’s insights!*

July Overview ~ Energy Outlook

July Overview ~ Energy Outlook

July Intuitive Insights

Overview: This month there may be a strong desire to initiate a new idea or creative endeavor, however at this time we are in the stage of creation where this new thing is still just an idea. Our desire to create is not supported by our environment at this time, but this is not to say what we hope to manifest won’t happen. Rather, we need to absorb the energies that are around us here and now as food for thought, allowing what is already here to inform us and inspire us to plan whatever new journey we may be building in our hearts and minds. Big decisions may be coming our way, and if we feel blocked in our ability to make a choice, it is because more information needs to be revealed first so we can make the best decision for an optimal outcome.

Maybe we want to move on from something that is present in our lives because in our minds we have developed judgements or negativity towards it, but there is still more to be learn or gain from this experience (like patience or forgiveness). These lessons are like potential energy, building us up as more complete in our experience and giving us a more objective point of view so we may move forward with more strength and fortitude. And that is a good thing, because this month may present some challenging obstacles or blockages, and perhaps even sabotage by others who want to lift themselves up by putting us down. But if we stick with it, not giving up on ourselves and not giving up on our dreams, we can successfully let go of the past and of old patterns. As we move through the challenges of this month, we come into a deeper understanding of our potential to be a source of light and love, and the outcome will be a brighter future for us and all those around us.

We must learn from all that is here in the present as a means to inspire what we choose to create for our future. Perceived blockages are really gifts from the Universe, providing us with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we relate to our surroundings. Current obstacles and blocks in our environment are the reverberations of past energy showing up in the here and now. Though we cannot change our circumstances, we can always change our outlook and create a clarity of intention that will lead to a more certain and abundant future. The most effective way to change your future course is to be fully present to what you are creating here and now! By the end of the month, all road blocks should be lifted as we create a deep connection to our newly developed intentions, which will be met with a reaffirming YES from the energies surrounding and supporting us.

P.S. Watch out for Mercury in Retrograde (July 7-31) this month! Messages may be misconstrued, or we might find our patience with travel and technology will be tested.

(Already having to resist the urge to throw my phone into the ocean…. Breathe in… Breathe out…)

Affirmation/Oracle Messages for July:

7 of Fire.jpg

7 of Fire ~ Personal best, going the distance, perseverance, nonconformity ~

I’m unstoppable. My passion pushes obstacles aside as I engage in sustained effort. I know how to bend but I don’t compromise on what’s most important to me. If others aren’t happy with the course I am on, I don’t have to let their concerns affect me. I release the temptation to resist challenges, and I trust that I can make things happen as I live life on my own terms. Inspired solutions present themselves.


Ganesh ~ YES ~

All the doorways are open for you and the path is clear. Any previous obstacles have been removed. Keep a positive mindset about the situation to insure the best possible outcome.

Additional Messages: This is a good time to make a move or change - Your prayers have been heard and are being answered - You have positive support for your situation - Keep the faith.


Weekly Intuitive Insight ~ BodybyBrian's First Public Tarot Spread

This morning I felt called to create a card spread for the collective. I normally will only play with my Tarot decks or practice readings on friends or myself, but it seems like I am ready to share this tool that has brought me great insight over the past year. I do believe in the power of these tools, as the nature of human consciousness is rooted in the consciousness that was present before us, and of that which guides all that is around us. With the intention of sharing only perspective, and as I receive them, messages of the present energies in our lives that may inform us of our actions and thoughts. By looking at it all, it is my hope that the experiences that we all share as conscious beings can act as bridges to create a more connected future, one in which we are all supported and uplifted by all that is around us! HERE GOES!!!

May 7th 2019:

*$* The abundance and blessings of the past were beautiful in every way! 💰🏡👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

But don’t get stuck in the glory days…

May 7.jpg

No matter how it looks (perfect, just short of perfect or lacking in relation to others), our past is holding our attention and limiting our ability to create choice in the present. While it may bring fleeting joy (or sometimes longing) fulfillment does not lie in remembering the past. Holding on to the past is a sign we feel limited in our security or abundance in the present. Yet we are abundance!!! Through our existence and our being we create magic in every action! We are Divine spirits manifested in human form. But we must be present to create.

What are we afraid to look at in the present?

How are our emotions and thoughts keeping us trapped in the past? We stay in past karma and action hoping for a repeat of the same results. Now is not then. Neglecting the present in favor of the past will only limit our ability to choose a more fulfilling now, to create a new pattern and a new and abundant future! Once we look at what is right in front of us, we can clearly see that we bring true happiness with us when we are fully present.

Healing Energy

9 of Earth: Be confident in the abundance that exists within and around us. We are building our biggest dreams yet, and we are almost there!

If we have any fear of who we really are and what can create, we must remember the truth about our human potential and recognize we are the alchemists, the transformers of dust into gold. Do not be afraid of the unmolded future for it is ours to create together!

~Additional Messages~

May 7 2.jpg
  • Resistance: What parts of our life we are fighting, or where we are fighting change and transformation? Would it be so bad to choose to let go before lose our grip, to choose to fall before the rug gets pulled out from under us?

    Acknowledge that change requires sacrifice, but let it be a graceful choice.

    Be conscious today of your physical tensions, as well as anything you encounter that creates a negative judgement. Know that any negative judgements may be a resistance to some new form a part of our lives could take. These are the guides to where we are creating resistance in our life, and without a look at them, forward progress will not occur.

  • Guidance: Simple as always, don't be afraid to ask for help! Who is your guru? A teacher? lover? friend? YouTube? insta? Fully acknowledge an area where you are unclear of an answer then practice asking your guides for answers! Your present state gives some teacher a purpose, and gives the energy of knowledge a direction to flow!

  • Go Now: Serapis Bey is an Egyptian god of ascension. The time for waiting is over, dwelling on and judging the past does not bring the light of consciousness into the present or future. We mustn’t be afraid to leave situations that is toxic to our evolution, or allow ego to hold us in a space of codependence. We thank the past for these experiences and move forward without attachment to any finished or unfinished business knowing that what is ahead will be more resplendent than what came before. We can now ascend to the next level, for it is our purpose as conscious beings to grow and expand our love and light.

*^* I acknowledge with a gracious spirit any insights that have come through in support of the expansion of truth and the evolution of our collective conscious life *^*


PSA: I am not a vegan! 😱 So I must Re-Define...

PSA: I am not a vegan! 😱 So I must Re-Define...

So really it doesn’t matter if your a carnivore or a vegan, or if you eat dirt or absorb your life energy from the sun… What matters is that you play the main part in the choices that help you define who you are! I have chosen to create my own definitions of my life, and you can step into this creativity too! Follow this easy meditation/journaling practice and start stepping into the role you were meant to play.

That Ayurveda Summer Bod

That Ayurveda Summer Bod

If you want to know all about the best practices for your body this summer, dip your toes into some Holistic Health and Ayurveda!

F***ing Perfect


F***ing Perfect

My knees are bent and my toes aren’t pointed, but maybe I’m still the best damn yogi there ever was! Who has the right to judge?


The Yoga of Running: Practices for an Optimal Running Experience


The Yoga of Running: Practices for an Optimal Running Experience

To get started with your practice, follow any of the sequences below. Each has a specific focus to help you gain a deeper understanding of how the body works. Some practices are universally beneficial for all bodies, and some have a particular connection to the biomechanics of running. With each of the movements you will with time connect the many intricate patterns of the body and mind. These connections will lead to improved movement quality and body awareness, ultimately giving you that extra step ahead of the rest. Read on to explore a new way to practice!


The Yoga of Running: Finding Peace and Balance through Conscious Movement


The Yoga of Running: Finding Peace and Balance through Conscious Movement

We have reached the time of year (in Chicago) when it warms up enough to get outside and start the running season. This may instill in you feelings of great joy or sorrow based on your experiences with the activity of running. As a recreational runner myself I have experienced both of these feelings, and have found running to be at times highly detrimental, but most often deeply therapeutic to my health. So I am going to share and discuss how I have come to relate to the act of running in a way that has transformed the experience into an ever increasing experience of happiness. Continue reading to learn about Yoga and how it relates to running and everything else!


Introducing Brian and the Body Blog


Introducing Brian and the Body Blog

The body is a reflection of all that is around us. Everything that is possible in the universe is reflected within us should we choose to look within and see what we are capable of creating. I want to share a bit about myself, and why I have created this space to see the possibilities that exist within all of us. Read on to find out more!