Heart Cleansing Meditation

Heart Cleansing Meditation

Read the instructions completely before practicing this meditation. Set a timer or give yourself 20-30 minutes of quiet to practice this soothing meditation. It is great for the hot summer days especially for the Pitta Dosha.

1.  Begin lying comfortably on your back, either on a mat or blanket, or with the upper spine and skull on a bolster or blocks for a supported fish pose. The head and ribs can remain at the same height for comfort. Allow the legs to rest in any comfortable position supported by props or pillows.

2. Observe the breath during the inhale and exhale and allow it to slow down and deepen. Bring one hand on top of the other to rest on the navel and observe the abdomen when you breathe.

3. Imagine each inhale brings in energy that concentrates into a ball of light which sits between the navel and the spine (underneath the hands in this reclined position). Continue to breathe and sense each breath bringing in more light to make the ball glow so bright that light fills up the spaces of the body. Your pores are open to bring in even more energy each time you inhale, and that energy concentrates and shines from the ball of energy at the center of the abdomen (Manipura, Nabhi Chakra). Take about 9 breaths in all for this part of the meditation.


4. Next picture the heart in your body, in the center of the ribs between the lungs.. If you don’t know its shape, search for a picture online or just picture an orb of light in that space. Move your hands to rest over the heart if comfort allows. Now see the color of rose quartz surrounding you like a cool, pale, pink mist. As you breathe in, you draw in the rose quartz, through the breath and through the pores. Taking a few more breaths, see the rose quartz color concentrate around the heart. Imagine any negative or unexpressed feelings and emotions like a black cloud in the heart, and with a long and soft exhale, sigh out through the mouth with a “HAAAAAAA” sound. (if it feels good you can sigh loudly and strongly as well, should there be a lot of stuff to release) Visualize black smoke leaving through the breath.

5. Notice the heart space feel lighter, and take a few breaths again visualizing the rose quartz color surrounding you, filling your auric field and your body, concentrating in the heart until it fills with the color rose quartz. Again, see any negative emotions like black smoke that you breathe out through the mouth on an exhale. Repeat this process until you feel the exhale is clear and all negative emotions and feelings have been released.

6. See the energy of the heart shining like a rose quartz. Then picture the ball of energy behind the navel absorb the energy of the heart within it. Finally, the ball behind the belly transforms into the full moon, storing this new energy pattern within you. Release the image of the moon and remain relaxed for the duration of your practice time. When ready, slowly return to activity.

 Guided Variation Coming Soon!!!!

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

This is a simple practice to balance the physical energy of the body and help cultivate the ability to direct your attention within the body. This is an easily accessible and helpful introductory meditative practice.