Elemental-Movement Holistic Health Coaching

Find balance in your health and achieve your goals with daily support in the comfort of your own home.

Elemental-Movement is pleased to offer you Holistic Health Coaching services; aimed to support you in achieving your own goals with simple yet effective practice based on the ancient knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda.

We are here to help you!

·    Develop goals that are truly yours: By consulting with Elemental-Movement you will be able to create realistic goals that are inspired by your own conception. We are not interested in selling you a “healthy lifestyle”, but rather we aim to help you to define what “health” means to you and to set you on a path to create it in your life.

·    Learn about healthy habits that suit your life: With our extensive library of resources you will learn what aspects of health (physical activity, nutrition, stress management, personal and professional fulfillment) may need to be brought back into balance. This will inform you of the steps you can take to find a healthy lifestyle that is truly yours.

·    Use our tools to support you on your path to health and balance: We are here to support you with personalized tools you can access every day that will keep you on track as you create the life you want for yourself.

What we bring to you:

Physical Practices

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Yoga Sequences – Elemental-Movement provides specified and complete Yoga sequences which include awareness and mindfulness meditations, breath practice, physical postures (asana) and movement practice geared toward each individual student. The ancient practice of Yoga is truly a practice of integration allowing you to define and access your body, your breath, and your mind more powerfully. The goal of Yoga is to help connect with your own conscious awareness and experience how it can be directed through the various expressions of your body, mind and spirit. Yoga is a powerful practice that will support any other physical activity, help you gain more focus of mind, and lead to physiological balance, naturally supporting your health and preventing disease.

Cardiovascular Programming – We are now more aware of the importance of cardiovascular exercise as a component of a healthy lifestyle. But not everybody is meant to be a runner, triathlete, or gym hamster. Through your one-on-one personalized program, you will receive recommendations for a cardiovascular practice that is most appropriate for your body and your lifestyle. Based in scientifically supported evidence and blended with a holistic understanding of appropriate use of one’s energy you will waste no time or effort while obtaining the optimal benefits for your cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, immune and musculoskeletal systems.

Calisthenics Training – Build true strength with the use of bodyweight movements that utilize and connect every muscle in the body cultivating the true potential of the human form that comes with integration. With no equipment necessary you can practice anywhere. And with an expansive library of movements that can be progressed almost endlessly you will never stop growing and improving in the functional or performance related capacities that you desire to create in body and yourself.

Nutritional Coaching

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Receive individualized nutritional guidance based on your body and your lifestyle. Elemental-Movement’s nutritional support is based on the practices of Ayurveda and acknowledge the importance of every person’s unique physical environment, inside and out. What foods are the best for you are not necessarily the same foods that are best for your spouse or your best friend. As you dive into the vast ocean of knowledge found within Ayurveda (literally translating to the Knowledge of Life) you will learn what qualities are most prominent in your body and in your gut, what foods help to create the optimal balance for you, and which ones might be throwing you totally off track. No calorie counting, or fad diets will be found here. Only a deepening of your connection to your own ideal nutrition can show you the best steps on the road to healthy eating and a healthier life.

You will receive specific diagnostic tools to help you discover your individual constitution or prakriti (your inner universe) which informs us of what things will create optimal physiological balance. With monthly goal setting meetings, you will then be able to formulate simple yet healthy habits that will improve your relationship with what nurtures your body, mind and spirit. Additionally, you will have access to many resources including food guides to help you make the right choices for your body, recipes to turn those choices into delicious meals, and weekly reminders to help you bring the vitality of food from your grocery store to your table and into your body.

Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Fulfillment

We all have goals; things we want to create in our lives and in our careers. Yoga teaches that each person fits in like a piece of the puzzle that is life. Most of our stress and suffering arise when we feel like our piece has gotten lost or left out of the bigger picture, or sometimes we feel it just doesn’t fit. The shape of our life is given by our past, but it does not dictate the shape our future. We have the power as conscious beings to direct our thoughts and actions out into the world. With each action comes a result, and how well we can be present to our actions can bring about the outcome we most desire. How we decide to fit in all starts with an intention. What do you want to create in your life? In your job? What feeds your soul and makes you dance with delight? How often do you ask yourself these questions? Have you ever? Don’t expect these questions to be easy. It is a big deal to take ownership of your life and your destiny. If you want to take the first step simply ask yourself “What can I bring into my life right now that will bring me joy?” Close your eyes, breathe, and listen for the answer. No matter what comes up, it is a clue to who and what you are meant to be; your dharma, your path. It comes from within, and nobody else can give it to you. And you must be the one to answer the call.

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Elemental-Movement offers a wide range of techniques and supportive materials that can clarify these answers and give you the power to move into the life of fulfillment that you seek. From journal prompts, to developing your ideal career path, to daily meditations which help bring your truest dreams and greatest desires to life, you will be able to take action every day leading to greater personal growth and evolution. The more aligned you are with your purpose, the greater impact you will have on supporting the growth and continuous progress of the entire universe around you! It all starts with a commitment to yourself, so don’t waste another moment. Join Elemental-Movement and move towards the brightest expression of your best self today!

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How Elemental-Movement came to be:

After spending 10 years working in the fitness industry, Elemental-Movement creator Brian Witten decided that the current approach to health and fitness was lacking some crucial components. Though his education and professional development gave him many tools to help others gain strength, flexibility, functionality and health in their bodies, he has since learned that a truly balanced life involves so much more. And in today’s world of busy agendas it seems like so many gym goers have less time to focus on themselves and their health. As a result, many individuals feel the need to delegate or outsource their health and fitness programs to fitness professionals who can give them the miracle solutions for achieving a fit and healthy life. On occasion, the motivation of the client, the right professional and right environment will bring success. But there are far too many individuals left by the wayside. This is something no trainer, teacher or coach will ever happily admit, but it is the unfortunate reality of the health and fitness industry.

True progress must come from within. And no professional fitness instructor, yogi, or nutrition/health expert can truly create a change in another person if that change is not first imagined from the mind and spirit of that individual. It is our role as health and fitness professionals to support and inspire the personal growth and evolution that is sought after by those who want it in their lives. Without an intrinsic motivation, the goals simply become hurdles to overcome on an endless race toward the “healthy” or “fit” ideal put upon us by others. After all, how can anybody else define for you what will bring you true fulfillment and happiness?

This may seem to be a tall order. Especially since there are so many other things that the modern person must accomplish to make it and be successful in life. But without our health and without a clear picture of who we are and who we want to be, even these tasks eventually lead us to the breaking point; sometimes to failure, but more often to a disappointed acceptance of our apparent conditions that we decide are unchangeable. Brian has learned this from his own experiences, successes and shortcomings. Only through redefining his life was he able to shift this perspective to one that leads most naturally to growth, evolution and success! So now Elemental-Movement is here, with a clear approach to help you as you take ownership of and redefine your own life to be exactly what you want it to be!