Brian’s Journey:

Brian is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor and former personal trainer with 10 years of experience in the fitness industry.  He has worked and taught as a personal trainer and yoga teacher in Chicago and is continuing to grow his yoga teaching across North America.  Prior to life in Chicago, Brian studied Kinesiology in Undergraduate studies where he developed a passion for human movement and the wonders of the human body.  Through his own development in the practice of yoga, he began to understand a holistic perspective of health and fitness, which he now shares with his students and clients.  His aim is to teach others how to know their bodies and themselves more deeply through the practice of yoga.

Brian incorporates traditional yoga techniques along with conscious movement practices that provide an experience both deeply revealing and transformative for both the body and mind.  His approach is simple:  guide one’s awareness more fully on one’s actions and posture and, through practice, allow the experience to develop towards balance and integration.  When the body is balanced and connected with intention and a focused mind, health is achieved.

By blending a practical knowledge of movement mechanics and posture with a holistic view of the body, Brian’s classes offer a safe and effective road to a healthy life.  His practice is successful in reducing the negative effects of physical, mental and emotional stress or tension, and providing safe and effective recovery after injuries.  He also works to support other fitness and athletic goals through coaching proper movement and a deep presence and connection of the mind and body through the practice of yoga. With a strong passion to continuously learn more and to go even deeper, he has also found purpose in guiding others along this path. His intention is to help other movement and yoga teacher understand the anatomical and physiological, psychological and spiritual components of these practices more completely.

Brian is continuing to expand his knowledge through the study Ayurveda and incorporates a holistic approach to physical wellness that stems from this ancient practice of health. As he continues his journey, more advanced practices and philosophies of the Vedas and Tantra are finding their way into his personal practice and teachings. With the inception of Elemental-Movement, Brian is now expanding to serve a larger need by bringing holistic health coaching wherever he goes. His services include personally tailored yoga, movement and meditation practice, nutritional and lifestyle coaching and consultation, and supportive marma point (acupressure) sessions. He believes that everybody can achieve their best by looking, knowing, and trusting within themselves, and has found his dharma as a guiding light towards the personal fulfillment of those he serves with his offerings.

How Elemental-Movement came to be:

After spending 10 years working in the fitness industry, Elemental-Movement creator Brian Witten decided that the current approach to health and fitness was lacking some crucial components. Though his education and professional development gave him many tools to help others gain strength, flexibility, functionality and health in their bodies, he has since learned that a truly balanced life involves so much more. And in today’s world of busy agendas it seems like so many gym goers have less time to focus on themselves and their health. As a result, many individuals feel the need to delegate or outsource their health and fitness programs to fitness professionals who can give them the miracle solutions for achieving a fit and healthy life. On occasion, the motivation of the client, the right professional and right environment will bring success. But there are far too many individuals left by the wayside. This is something no trainer, teacher or coach will ever happily admit, but it is the unfortunate reality of the health and fitness industry.

True progress must come from within. And no professional fitness instructor, yogi, or nutrition/health expert can truly create a change in another person if that change is not first imagined from the mind and spirit of that individual. It is our role as health and fitness professionals to support and inspire the personal growth and evolution that is sought after by those who want it in their lives. Without an intrinsic motivation, the goals simply become hurdles to overcome on an endless race toward the “healthy” or “fit” ideal put upon us by others. After all, how can anybody else define for you what will bring you true fulfillment and happiness?

This may seem to be a tall order. Especially since there are so many other things that the modern person must accomplish to make it and be successful in life. But without our health and without a clear picture of who we are and who we want to be, even these tasks eventually lead us to the breaking point; sometimes to failure, but more often to a disappointed acceptance of our apparent conditions that we decide are unchangeable. Brian has learned this from his own experiences, successes and shortcomings. Only through redefining his life was he able to shift this perspective to one that leads most naturally to growth, evolution and success! So now Elemental-Movement is here, with a clear approach to help you as you take ownership of and redefine your own life to be exactly what you want it to be!

If you or anybody you know is seeking to improve their health or achieve a deeper sense of purpose in their life, more information about Holistic Health Coaching with Elemental-Movement can be found HERE.

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